Zero Waste Living

Zero Waste Living

Dispose | Hannah Chung | Sat & Sun 2pm – 3pm

Did you know that there are seven different types of plastic recycling options? Ever wondered how to work out the life cycle of a plastic bottle in Hong Kong? Want to reduce your waste, but not sure how? Join Hannah to get answers to these questions and more as she takes you through the steps of how to live with less and join our waste workshop life-audit!

Discover which materials can and can’t be recycled, think about how to reduce your waste even before you begin, and take back important initiatives to your school and home to help Hong Kong battle it’s addiction with single use plastic!

This workshop will inspire you to waste less and live better!

Whilst we may not be able to reach a Zero Waste target, Hannah will help you to set goals, and think about the process using the three r’s of waste management…

Refuse, Reduce, then Recycle!

Hannah Chung Zero Waste