Urban Farming Tour

Urban Farming Tour

Grow | Jessica Lau & Pol Fabrega | Sat & Sun 10am Р11:30am

Take your first steps into the world of Urban Farming 38 floors above ground level!

The Urban Farm at Hysan Place offers you the chance to farm in one of the worlds busiest commercial districts. Through promoting theories and information on organic farming, the public and conventional farmers can understand how farming runs without chemical fertilizers and pesticides, to achieve an environmentally-friendly and productive farming system. After the tour Rooftop Republic will give you hands on experience so you can grow your own at home or at your school.

Always wanted to grow your own food at home but don’t know where to start?¬†This introductory workshop provides a taster¬†to¬†the essentials¬†of organic growing¬†in a city environment like Hong Kong. Learn how to transform even the smallest underused spaces to create a thriving, easy to manage urban farm in your own home or at your school.

Through a combination of both hands-on activities and informative discussions, our experienced urban farmers will provide attendees with the basics of how to grow their own, grasp an overview of key concepts such as seasons in Hong Kong, the life of a plant, understand our soils and basic farming practices such as seedling care, transplanting and harvesting.