Slow Food Ugly Food

Slow Food Ugly Food

Dispose | Slow Food HK | Sat & Sun 2pm – 3pm

Want to learn how to make Ugly soup?!

The way supermarkets currently work means over a third of all food produced goes straight to landfill. But don’t worry, Slow Food Hong Kong know how to get those three-legged carrots and bulbous tomatoes back into the limelight!

Ugly Soup is a great way to engage around the topic of food waste. In 2012, one Dutch study discovered that we throw out 40% of the food we grow because some of it isn’t considered pretty enough to leave the farm! For some crops, as much as 30% of a harvest might be deemed too ugly for stores.

Slow Food will teach us how to use those crooked veggies to make yummy new dishes without waste!