Mushroom, Mix your OM

Mushroom, Mix your OM

Grow | Jessica Yau | Sat & Sun 10am – 11:30am

Fungus is the most effective waste decomposer in the natural environment. They can utilize organic waste as their food source. One variety is the edible Oyster Mushrooms (OM), which can grow beautifully in Hong Kong – even without air con!

Discover how to up cycle old coffee grounds – we all know it is an excellent deodorizer, compost, body scrub…but do you know it can be used to grow mushroom too?!

In this workshop, Jessica will introduce the beauty of mushrooms and guide participants to turn TRASH (used coffee ground) into TREASURE(mushroom packs) step-by-step.

A “special” mushroom gift will be given to the “star team” at the end of the workshop. Join in and it could be you!