Fruit Enzymes

Fruit Enzymes

Dispose | Eco-Gladiators | Sat & Sun 2pm – 3pm

Want to really reduce your food waste and be kind to your home, your health and the planet? Join the Eco Gladiators and find out how easy it is to transform your citrus fruit peels into squeaky-clean eco friendly products! Fruit enzymes can be used for washing your dishes, cleaning fruits and vegetables, mopping up those dirty floors and even fertilising plants.

Many store bought commercial products contain chemicals which are harmful to the environment and to us, and garbage enzymes are a cost friendly way help us to ‘upcycle’ our food waste.”

Learn to make green, chemical-free enzyme detergents with the Eco Gladiators in this fun workshop, and hear all about how they turned a simple idea into a viable business model.

Eco-Gladiators is student-led group focused on making an environmentally friendly multi purpose cleaning product. Apart from making this product, we have conducted workshops with students in schools, teaching them how to make the product. This workshop will be led by Shatin College students Evelyn, Sabrina and Dave.