Creative plant based cooking

Creative plant based cooking

Eat | Peggy Chan | Sat & Sun 12pm – 1pm

Want to be creative and healthy at the same time? This is your chance to meet and learn from the Grassroots Pantry’s very own, Chef Peggy Chan. Learn the secret on how to incorporate gourmet elements to nutrient-dense, plant-based foods.

Chef Peggy will introduce different cooking techniques ranging from fermenting, pickling, soaking, sprouting, dehydrating, and culturing. You will learn about the dehydrating process of vegetables for making powders, chips, crackers and more…

As part of Grassroots Pantry’s advocacy and dedication to educating the public on the importance of sustainable living, the workshop introduces fun and easy ways to make plant-based recipes such as; Autumn Bouillon with Garden Herbs and Seasonal Vegetables and Beetroot Truffle – nutritious, and deliciously photogenic.

See you at the “Rethink our Food” Festival!