Speakers & Facilitators

Thank you to everyone involved in Rethink Our Food Festival

Portrait of Pol Fabrega

Pol Fabrega

Pol relocated to HK to pioneer the urban farming movement, transforming the way we grow, consume and think about our food…

Portrait of Alyson Lundstrom

Alyson Lundstrom

Following a decade in support of endangered species field research and marine ecology management Alyson settled in 2014 with business partner…

Portrait of Preston Hartwick

Preston Hartwick

His experience covers food & water security research. In 2017 he co-founded Common Farms, HK’s first indoor specialty produce farm…

Portrait of Jessica Lau

Jessica Lau

Jessica has been organizing farm projects, green workshops and talks for more than eight years in Hong Kong…

Portrait of Kimi Lam

Kimi Lam

Kimi founded Saupei in 2014 after she found an old leather bag her brother had thrown away. Repurposing the leather gave her insight into…

Portrait of Katharina Unger

Katharina Unger

Livin Farms founder Katharina, uses her industrial design background to investigate current food systems & find alternatives.

Portrait of Mitchell Yin

Mitchell Yin

Chef Mitchell will explain how what we eat affects everything: our mood, behavior, health, growth and even our ability to concentrate!

Slow Food Hong Kong logo

Slow Food HK

A movement with supporters in over 150 countries, linking the pleasure of good food with a commitment to communities & the environment.

Group Shot of Eco Gladiators


Eco-Gladiators is student-led group focused on making environmentally friendly multi purpose cleaning products in Hong Kong…

Portrait of David Yeung

David Yeung

David is an environmental advocate and founder of an innovative social venture that takes on climate change, food insecurity, health issues…

Portrait of Jessica Yau

Jessica Yau

Jessica shares her love of mushrooms & DIY techniques during up cycling workshops conducted with corporates and schools.

Portrait of Peggy Chan

Peggy Chan

Peggy’s continuous commitment towards environmental activism has made her one of HK’s leading plant based restaurants…

portrait of Jaki Faulkner

Jaki Faulkner

Jaki’s background covers communications and media relations, spanning almost 15 years of Editorial, Writing, Media and PR experience.

Portrait of Gabrielle Kirstein

Gabrielle Kirstein

Feeding Hong Kong is a registered charity with a mission to fight hunger and reduce food waste in Hong Kong…

Portrait of Hannah Chung

Hannah Chung

Hannah is on a zero waste challenge, seeking eco-alternatives and green solutions for everyday living in Hong Kong…

Portrait of Richard Ekkebus

Richard Ekkebus

Richard has cooked for top international celebrities such as Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Beyoncé & Andrew Lloyd Webber…

Cesar Jung-Harada from Makerbay and Scoutbots

Cesar Jung-Harada

Environmentalist and entrepreneur, Cesar taught a Masters of “Design and Environment” at Goldsmiths University…

Portrait of Merrin Pearse

Merrin Pearse

Merrin is an expert in waste management strategy. He has worked alongside numerous prestigious international companies, NGO’s and SMEs…