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REMAKE Repair Parties (‘REMAKE’) seeks to create impactful change in its community by conducting numerous outreach activities that target different segments of the local population. In these activities, REMAKE aims to create the most welcoming environment possible for its guests, an environment conducive to insightful communication and debate about sustainability and the Right to Repair.


Portrait of Fernando Garcia Albero
Fernando Garcia Albero – Founder & Coordinator.
“I can fix that” is my life motto, even if I really have no idea how to fix it. If I haven’t given you trust issues yet, you’ll love what we do at REMAKE! Now a master’s student, I have been fixing stuff since I
was a teenager. I love all things sustainability, and I am very passionate about learning how to put society, environment and technology together to produce impactful change in the world. If you want to talk about anything and everything, or just curious about REMAKE, hit me up!


Portrait of Johnson Chong
Johnson Chong – Coordinator – HKUST Branch

A Year 3 Computer Engineering local student and baseball addict. I am enthusiastic about anything that makes the Earth a better place for everyone. Go ahead and send me anything fixable other than phones, anything meaning anything. I’ll gladly teach you how to fix it, if I can fix it myself…

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