Portrait of Althea & Tansy Tan

Althea Tan

Founding Partner
Happy Plantarian

Proud owner of the Nutrition for a Healthy Heart Certificate and Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate, this former expert in Branding and Communications became passionate in organic gardening, edible flowers, and vegetables. Experienced chef Althea creates whole-food plant-based vegan recipes for Happy Plantarian and uses her expertise as a plant-based nutritionist to teach us how to eat right, be healthy, but most importantly, be happy!


Happy Plantarian Logo

Happy Plantarian is the first certified Hong Kong partner of the Food for Life Nutrition Program specialising in whole-food plant-based cooking and vegan baking with a simple motto: “Eating Right = Healthy, Happy People”. The Tan sisters share their love for healthy, vegan food through interactive cooking classes, coaching, and seminars.

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