Portrait of Tony Ip

Tony Ip

Green Building Faculty Member
Hong Kong Green Building Council

Bearer of the Ten Outstanding Persons Award 2016 Tony Ip’s contributions to green architecture have been highly recognised over the past decade. He has vast experience in multi-disciplinary practices, working in design and research all around Europe and Asia. Tony is a green building design expert, and he is a Green Building Faculty Member of the Hong Kong Green Building Council and is involved in the Hong Kong Architecture Centre, Hong Kongof YMCA.


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Hong Kong Green Building Council is a non-profit organisation with a vision to help save the planet and improve the wellbeing of people of Hong Kong by transforming the city into a greener built environment. Established in 2009 by several environment-related organisations (BEAM Society Limited, Business Environment Council, Construction Industry Council, etc), HKGBC has made its mission to promote green living to the people of Hong Kong, while leading market transformation, introducing green building practices, and setting design, construction and management standards for the building profession.

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