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Raphaël De Ry

Edgar HK

Having witnessed first-hand the massive wastage created by the fashion industry as well as our current lifestyle, Raphaël, upon becoming a father, decided that there had to be a better way to live healthily and sustainably. This idea became a reality when he became the founder of a natural and organic food products distributor and launched Edgar, the first modern-day zero waste, plastic-free bulk grocery in Hong Kong was born.


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In late 2016, Edgar decided to buck the trend and opened as a bulk grocery store in one of the world’s most wasteful cities that is Hong Kong. Sourced from all over Europe, our organic, natural, and fair trade food items are available in wall bins and glass jars for environmentally conscious shoppers to bring home in their own containers and cloth bags. Also on our shelves are reusables (from tea infusers to stainless steel and glass straws, tableware and many more) to help ease Hongkongers into a more sustainable lifestyle.

Gradually we’re seeing progress and the expansion of the local sustainable community, and it looks like we’re here to stay. If the sheer presence of Edgar has proved anything, it is that a sustainable lifestyle of a natural and organic diet, which also ensures economic self-sufficiency for small producers, can be relatively affordable!

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