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Lauren Berning

TBC Improv HK

Lauren is the founder of the “To Be Continued…Improv”. Finding success in the UK and Europe, she has brought the brand to Asia! She teaches, coaches and makes boring corporate stuff less boring and less corporate through nifty improv tricks and training. Using improv as a foundation, Lauren has worked in higher education, finance, non-profits and luxury fashion.


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“To Be Continued…HK ” is an improvisational comedy theatre company performing and teaching short and long-form improv styles, they also offer improv-led corporate training. TBC HK is founded on 3 core principles:

–  “Yes, and…”
–  Make each other look good
–  There is no failure!

The company performs, teaches, and spreads the good word of the noble art of spontaneous improvised comedic performance throughout Hong Kong.

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Facebook: @TBCImprovHK
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