Portrait of Daisy Tam

Dr Daisy Tam

Assistant Professor, Department of Humanities & Creative Writing
Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU)

Assistant Professor at the Department of Humanities and Creative Writing at HKBU, Daisy teaches and researches urban food systems and practices, with a focus on food security. Bringing art and sciences together, her works have been featured on Green Queen and TEDx among others. In 2018, she conducted “Crowdsourcing Food Rescue – a new approach to Food Security and Urban Resilience”, a project in collaboration with the MIT that aimed to investigate food security and the collection of surplus food in cities. She is also the developer of Breadline, a crowd-sourcing app fighting food waste in Hong Kong. Follow her research on www.hkfoodworks.com


Breadline Logo for HKFoodWorks by Daisy Tam

Inspired by the work of farmers and bakers she met as a PhD student in London, Daisy Tam decided to tackle Hong Kong’s alarming food waste by designing her crowd-sourcing app Breadline. It allows bakeries to connect with volunteers wanting to pick up leftover loaves and deliver them to charities.

Supported by the Fulbright Scholarship, the project started in 2018, and has already connected 80 volunteers with 300 bakeries in its Beta Version only, facilitating the donation of 1000 loaves of bread each week. Find out more on hkfoodworks.com!

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