Portrait of Alessandro Bisagni

Alessandro Bisagni

Founder & President
BEE Incorporations

With over 200 LEED projects across 25 countries, this former environmental consultant has been recognised by the Urban Land Institute as a Top 40 Under 40 professional class of 2016. Co-founder of the Sustainable Building Collaborative China and Chairman of Platinum Hong Kong, two industry groups on a mission to spread green building knowledge across Greater China. Alessandro has contributed greatly to the green buildings industry, his latest contribution being BEE Incorporations, one of the most experienced green building consultancies in the retail sector worldwide.


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With 10 offices worldwide and over 300 green building projects completed in over 25 countries, BEE is an engineering consultancy company focused on sustainability, resource efficiency management and health & wellness within built spaces. They specialize in building optimization software and green building certifications (LEED, WELL, RESET), but also deploy a cloud-based, building performance management tool (QLEAR) to analyze health & wellness and efficiency related building data.

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Email: a.bisagni@bee-inc.com
Website: www.bee-inc.com
Facebook: @BEEinc
Instagram: @beeinc
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/company/bee-inc/
Twitter: twitter.com/BEE__inc
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