Fiona Chiu Portrait

Fiona Chiu

Head of Events/Co-Leader
Bye Bye Plastic Bags Hong Kong

Fiona is the Head of Events for the Bye Bye Plastic Bags (BBPB) team in Hong Kong, a youth-led movement encouraging community action to stop the use of plastic bags and other single-use materials in Hong Kong. The group aims to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of plastic and promote feasible ways to reduce waste.

For Fiona, having an awareness that the choices we make become manifested in the environment around us is essential to understanding the need for sustainable action. Seeing the worsening waste crisis in Hong Kong fully solidified this belief. In January 2019, members of the BBPB team undertook a challenge to live waste-free for 7 days, documenting all our waste in a small jar. This experiment was meant to develop our consciousness towards the amount of waste we generate. The experience prompted her to seek out alternatives to her daily choices and allowed her to discover the multitude of ways that the community in Hong Kong is embracing the “Live Zero” lifestyle. When it comes to this concept Fiona’s perspective is to always do the most that you can. Through her conversations with members of the community, local restauranteers, store owners, teachers and students, she has discovered the many ways in which each individual’s effort in waste reduction is unique.

Our modern society is evolving in a way that is making sustainable choices much easier and BBPB aims to empower members of the youth to be at the forefront of the Zero Waste movement in HK.




Bye Bye Plastic Bags is a youth-led organization from Bali with a mission to empower people through education, campaign, and political change. There are currently 35 global teams and the Hong Kong team was established last year by Eugenia Chow, a high school senior at the time. By reaching out through social media, she gathered a team of passionate, young environmentalists with one common goal: to spread environmental awareness and create collective change. Thus far, the team has held beach clean-ups, lead social media campaigns, and participated in sustainable events like the Conscious Festival and Green Family Day. The team has also collaborated with businesses like Hydroplast and will soon be working with schools around Hong Kong to provide educational workshops to spread environmental change and awareness in younger generations.

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