Circular Fashion & Sustainability

Sunday 29th Nov | 12:15pm – 1:00pm

Circular Fashion & Sustainability

Sunday 29th Nov 2020 | 12:15pm – 1:00pm

Have you ever considered who made your clothes, what your clothes are made of, and where your clothes go after you discard them?

In this panel we invite sustainability experts from the fashion industry to discuss the future of sustainable and circular fashion, highlighting the innovation and movements being made to take the industry into a new paradigm of circularity.

Panel Moderator

Lauren Berning Portrait

Lauren Berning

Lauren teaches, coaches and makes boring corporate stuff less boring and less corporate through nifty improv tricks and training.

Panel Speakers

Magnus McGlashan Portrait

Magnus McGlashan

Magnus co-founded Pacsafe in Hong Kong in 1998. Pacsafe designs and manufactures functional Travel products sold in over 40 countries.

Malin Lundahl Portrait

Malin Lundahl

Malin joined the H&M Group in 2013 to focus on the development and production of the H&M brand’s new Beauty cosmetic line.

Portrait of Lauren Boucher

Lauren Boucher

Lauren is part of the Circular Fashion team at NGO Redress, fighting to tackle textile waste and pollution in the fashion industry.